Why the world needs another language learning app

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Hello! Cameron here. I’m the CEO (and one of the co-founders) of Forge.

We’re building a magic textbook for language learners, and one of the most common questions we get is “Well, what about all the other apps out there? What about [Duolingo, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, etc.]? Isn’t this problem already solved?”

We’ve been talking to a lot of fellow language learners, and one of them put it better than we could, saying that he wanted “a place of language enrichment.”

We want to be that place of language enrichment, community, and effective learning that isn’t being provided right now. Our goal is to give you everything you need to go from beginner to pro in one place.

Sound difficult? It absolutely is, but we’re working hard and building technology and content from the ground up to make that goal a reality. If you’ve ever felt like a resource left you hanging, thinking “What do I do next?” we’re right there with you.

We’re designing killer content, powerful review tools, and opportunities to apply your knowledge so that the world is at your fingertips.

We’re language learners ourselves, and we’re building Forge because it’s something we need, and we know from talking to the community that you do too.

Personally, I started learning Japanese in middle school with Rosetta Stone CDs, and I think it’s time for an upgrade. We believe that the next stage of education is personalized, robust, and super effective, so that’s what we’re making.

Where other apps are a workbook, we’re building a library. Where they have a classroom, we’re building a school. We’ll guide you from A to Z and help you not only to understand the language, but to really immerse yourself in the culture and history of the people that speak it.

If you’re interested in checking out the app, you can find it here at forge.co.

We’re adding new content and features all the time, and we need your feedback to help make Forge the best it can be. If you’re interested in helping us out and sharing your experience, follow us on Instagram and Twitter (that’s where we’re most active in chatting with the community).

We’re building this for you, and we look forward to providing you the best possible language learning experience.