Introducing Vocab Builder


There’s a new feature in the Review tab of the Forge app, and it’s called Vocab Builder. This tool takes a topic-based, word-by-word approach to learning new vocab and includes a built-in spaced-repetition system, so you don’t need to worry about when or what to study; we take care of that for you!

In addition to creating great content that teaches you how a language works, one of our main goals is to bring you powerful tools for taking your skills to the next level. The Vocab Builder is our first major step in that direction, aimed at powering up your vocab learning and providing you with content relevant to your interests and goals.

There are a lot of (useful) words out there, and it’s tough to learn them entirely on your own. If you don’t have the Forge app yet, you can download it at, and you’ll find the Vocab Builder on the Review tab.

Reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram and let us know your thoughts! We’re building Forge for you, and your feedback is paramount in helping us to create exactly what you need.